Choosing the Right Graph to Visualize Your Data

Posted by FMID Marketing On December 14, 2017
    If your data visualization strategy involves sifting through spreadsheets, you’re probably missing the big picture. Instead, choose the right graph to visualize your data and make the big picture clearer. Data visualization is the key to turning raw data into usable information. As we discussed previously, data visualization turns seemingly random data points into a cohesive story. It’s a powerful tool for decision making. […]
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5 Strategies for Selling Directly to Farmers

Posted by FMID Marketing On December 13, 2017
    Are your sales numbers coming up short? It's possible that your strategies for selling directly to farmers are to blame. Direct sales to farmers are different than direct sales in other industries. Depending on your product or service, your sales strategies for reaching farmers through direct sales may require some changes. For better results, try adopting some of these strategies for making connections with the farmers in your territory. […]
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How to Sell in Rural Areas

Posted by FMID Marketing On December 12, 2017
    Selling in rural areas is a far cry from selling in urban and suburban environments. While most agribusiness happens outside of urban areas, if you’re new to rural sales, you may encounter challenges when breaking into the rural markets you’re targeting. […]
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How to Market to Farmers When Emails & Cold Calls Aren't Working

Posted by Timothy Wier On December 11, 2017
      Emails and calls: they’re staples of every agribusiness sales and marketing effort, and rightly so. They’re the most personal and direct way to connect with farmers. But sometimes you’ll find that your emails and calls just aren’t working like they used to. Maybe farmers are taken aback when you cold call them and, therefore, unresponsive. Maybe ISP filters are keeping your messages from landing in the inbox, so they’re going to Junk or Spam instead. Whatever the case, a decline in email or call effectiveness doesn’t mean the end of the world for your agri-marketing and sales initiatives. […]
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The Limits of Data Analysis

Posted by FMID Marketing On December 07, 2017
    Data analysis is a powerful part of your marketing equation, but it’s not the whole package. Not only is it important to know what it can tell you, but equally important is knowing the limits of data analysis. While it’s critical that you implement data analysis to aid your sales and marketing efforts, it’s important to be realistic about the limits of that analysis. […]
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Using Data to Identify Your Farmers’ Pain Points – and Provide a Solution

Posted by FMID Marketing On December 06, 2017
  It’s the hallmark of a great sales conversation – identifying and responding to farmers’ pain points. The more you know about those pain points before going into the conversation, the more meaningful the conversation will be, and the more likely you’ll be able to close a deal. […]
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Understanding Millennial Farmers

Posted by Timothy Wier On December 05, 2017
    The world is changing, and agriculture is no exception. As more and more farm patriarchs are retiring, Millennials are taking a more active role in managing America’s farms. That means it’s important for business intelligence, marketing and sales professionals to understand Millennials and how their farming practices compare to previous generations.Here are a few trends that will help agribusiness professionals better understand millennial farmers.  […]
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3 Ways to Find Out What Your Farmers Need

Posted by Timothy Wier On December 04, 2017
    Agribusiness revolves farmers. It helps to solve farmers’ needs and, in the process, make the entire agriculture industry more efficient and, yes, profitable. As a sales professional, part of your job is to find what farmers need and offer your product or service as a solution. Understanding those needs is going to help you have better and more meaningful sales conversations. Fortunately, if you’re feeling like you’re taking a shot in the dark in trying to help farmers out, this is where data can be a powerful ally. […]
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How to Narrow Your Research Questions When Analyzing Agri-Data

Posted by FMID Marketing On November 30, 2017
    You know that collecting data and analyzing it is one of the best ways to make sales goals that pay off. Now, the million dollar question is: “What data do I need?” One of the ways to gather and disseminate data is to develop research questions that drive your data search. A research question is the very core point of your research endeavors. A good research question will drive your research to arrive at the answers you want to find. It’ll also open some new doors that allow you to explore related concepts and possibilities to strengthen your overall findings and related goal setting. […]
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How to Create Content that Gets Farmers' Attention

Posted by Timothy Wier On November 29, 2017
  If you haven’t heard already, content is king. That’s why your success as an agribusiness rests heavily on your ability to create content that gets farmers’ attention. Whether you’re starting a blog to attract new customers, creating downloadable content offers to convert leads or finding new ways to engage and educate your current customer base, content creation is a vital part of business and marketing in the 21st century. […]
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