Marrying Great Data and Today’s Technology to Reach Farmers Online

Posted by FMID Marketing On August 01, 2017

As the years go by, technology continues to advance, change, and aid in the completion of  everyday tasks. Big Data keeps getting bigger and its applications more usable.  AdTech is coming to Agriculture.  Those that embrace and use it effectively will strengthen relationships with their customers and will create bridges to new customer relationships.

With advanced technology systems on the rise, traditional ag media is struggling to keep up, despite maintaining good relationships with farmers for many years.  Along with these changes comes the opportunity for marketers to reach out to farmers with new media and ways of marketing their ag business. Tools like programmatic advertising allow marketers to buy audiences based on demographics and consumer behaviors, which lets them understand real-time decision making of these consumers, rather than just looking at general data. In fact, programmatic is the dominant form of online ad spending (programmatic represents 72% of all online display ad in the U.S.), though the agriculture industry appears to be far behind in its use of AdTech, including programmatic. 


Here are a few ways in which traditional ag media can keep up with the advanced technology available today

Don’t Fall for False Dilemmas

Today, many ag marketers are falling into the trap of choosing between a traditional ag media plan or a non-ag digital plan. In reality, you do not need to ignore one in order to create a successful marketing plan. Farmers are people too, so they are consuming more media than ever before, just like audiences in a variety of other industries. Luckily,  there are a number of ways in which ag marketers can reach and engage audiences.

Maintain Relationships

The relationship between ag media outlets and farmers has been alive and well for years. Farmers trust the media and the media works to continue being the main source of content. As long as this relationship remains strong, farmers will continue to trust ag media to deliver content that is relevant to them and their businesses.

Modernize and Create Value

Marketers have to do a few things in order to keep up and stay relevant in an ever-changing, technology-based world. Taking advantage of newer tools to create content such as videos, will allow for ag professionals to remain current. Also, it’s important to ensure strong data is available to tell a farmer’s story and to be able to deliver information to the proper audience.

Following these steps won’t necessarily put traditional ag media back in the foreground, but knowing the importance of understanding your customers and employing a marketing mix that is appropriate will keep your marketing strategy going strong. Data is critical to understanding your customer, reaching the right audiences, and maintain those long-lasting relationships with farmers. For more information on how to use data to benefit those in the ag industry, contact us today.