Modern Technology Your Agribusiness Needs

Posted by FMID Marketing On July 20, 2018
    Technology, data, information – these are the tools that give agribusinesses a competitive edge in a stagnant and consolidating market. Plus, farmers are growing in their use of data and technology to make better planting and farming decisions. If you want to keep up and out-maneuver your competitors, modern technology is going to be your greatest asset. Building a tech stack that suits your needs has become easier. A lot of technologies are available for free or at a low cost – and allow you to upgrade as your needs and financial capacity increases. […]
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Building the Perfect Audience for Your Business

Posted by Timothy Wier On July 10, 2018
    Modern technology puts more power in the marketer’s hands. Instead of blasting your message out and hoping the right person will stumble across it, you can build and market to the perfect audience for your own business. As ag companies move away from using audience marketing, direct placement ads and direct mail as their primary modes of communication, agri-marketers are able to make better connections with farmers. Specifically, they get to choose their ideal audience and ensure that their message only goes out to them. […]
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Avoiding Information Imbalance with Your Farmers

Posted by FMID Marketing On June 27, 2018
    The Internet has changed how information is passed, shared and controlled. Everyone has more access to information than ever before – and that includes farmers. As a salesperson, you never want to end up in a situation where your farmers have more information than you do. You’ll come across as uninformed, and unlikely to have a follow-up conversation. […]
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5 Tips for Smart Marketing in a Down Economy

Posted by FMID Marketing On June 22, 2018
    Regardless of how the rest of the country is doing, the ag economy has been down for the past few years. And agribusinesses are learning how to survive and even thrive in the midst of all this change – selling and marketing in a down economy. Our industry is known for being traditional – and we get that from the way that farmers have been operating for decades. And while the tradition of ag has many benefits, it hurts us when things change and we have to adapt. Here are some of our tips for marketing in a down economy. […]
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Finding the Best Source for Agriculture Information

Posted by FMID Marketing On June 12, 2018
    Agriculture information is crucial to good agribusiness decision-making. But companies who want to stay effective and relevant, simply having data isn’t enough – companies need to find the best source for agriculture information. The farming industry is a zero-sum game. Companies who want to do business with the American farmer have to work much harder than they did before. Not only do they have to provide the farmers with what they need, they also need to be able to out-maneuver competitors and show how they fit into the farm’s future. […]
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Why Common Land Unit Data Provides the Best Insights to Agribusiness

Posted by FMID Marketing On June 06, 2018
    A lot of companies say they provide agriculture data. But for agribusinesses, the bar for high quality data should be high – because bad data means lost dollars for your business. You need data that provides reliable and accurate insights on farmers and their operations. And that’s where Common Land Unit data can help. […]
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Agribusiness Technology Advancements That Are Changing the Industry

Posted by FMID Marketing On June 01, 2018
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Tailoring Your Sales Offer to the Farmer

Posted by FMID Marketing On May 17, 2018
    Not all farmers are created equal. And by that we mean that not all farmers have equal needs – and therefore aren’t equally suited to each of your business’ product offers. So when you’re having a sales conversation, tailor your sales offer to the farmer. […]
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Building a Data-Powered Agriculture Business Plan

Posted by FMID Marketing On May 16, 2018
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Should Crop Rotation Data Impact Your Business Strategy?

Posted by FMID Marketing On May 15, 2018
The majority of cropland in the U.S. uses some kind of crop rotation practice. While this improves the sustainability of the land and production benefits, it does mean that farmers aren’t growing the same crops year over year. Agribusiness can’t assume that their farmers are growing the same crops this year as last year. And that has a direct impact on the revenue of an ag company.   […]
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