Tailoring Your Sales Offer to the Farmer

Posted by FMID Marketing On May 17, 2018
    Not all farmers are created equal. And by that we mean that not all farmers have equal needs – and therefore aren’t equally suited to each of your business’ product offers. So when you’re having a sales conversation, tailor your sales offer to the farmer. […]
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Building a Data-Powered Agriculture Business Plan

Posted by FMID Marketing On May 16, 2018
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Should Crop Rotation Data Impact Your Business Strategy?

Posted by FMID Marketing On May 15, 2018
The majority of cropland in the U.S. uses some kind of crop rotation practice. While this improves the sustainability of the land and production benefits, it does mean that farmers aren’t growing the same crops year over year. Agribusiness can’t assume that their farmers are growing the same crops this year as last year. And that has a direct impact on the revenue of an ag company.   […]
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4 Marks of High Quality Farm Data

Posted by FMID Marketing On May 14, 2018
    Agribusiness professionals working in strategy, marketing and sales are all chomping at the bit for farm data. But simply having data isn’t enough. If you have bad data, you’ll get bad insights, which lead to bad business decisions, which lead to losses for your business. So if you’re going to invest in farm data, make sure you’re looking for high quality farm data. […]
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How Farmers Use Social Media, and How That Affects Your Agribusiness Strategy

Posted by FMID Marketing On May 11, 2018
  Social media is a powerful and important tool in the digital marketer’s tool belt. For agricultural businesses, it’s important to understand how farmers use social media, and how that affects your business strategy. Farmers have a reputation of being behind the times. Maybe in some areas that’s true. However, the rise of use of data, automation and technology in the field is demonstrating that farmers are incredibly sophisticated. They not only understand the benefits that technology offers them, but they’re putting it to use. And their farms are benefiting as a result. […]
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How to Maximize Your ROI with Direct Mail

Posted by FMID Marketing On May 10, 2018
    Direct mail. It’s something that everyone’s been doing as long as we can remember, but there’s no set “how-to guide” on how to be successful. Yet everyone wants to know: how do I maximize my direct mail ROI? […]
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Trust Your Instinct, But Only in the Absence of Data

Posted by FMID Marketing On May 03, 2018
    We have a saying here at Farm Market iD: trust your instinct and intuition, but only in the absence of data. Decision-making in ag has long been based on instinct and intuition. And to a certain degree, this makes a lot of sense. Farmers have been farming land for generations, and there are decades if not centuries of institutional knowledge that are passed down and inform how those farmers make decisions. For better or worse, farmers trust their gut. And so agribusinesses have learned to trust theirs. […]
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4 Key Shifts in Agri-Marketing

Posted by FMID Marketing On April 30, 2018
    For decades, tried-and-true marketing methods like direct mail, print ads and more have consistently delivered results for agri-marketers. Unfortunately, the success of those methods isn’t what it used to be, leading many to adopt more modern techniques. A new era of farming calls for new marketing techniques. Technology, consolidation among both inputs and growers, and increased consumer demands are all contributing to a changing pattern of decision making among agribusinesses. […]
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When to Use Stats in Your Marketing Messaging

Posted by FMID Marketing On April 24, 2018
    Farmers are constantly bombarded with marketing messages. It’s your job to make your messaging stand out. And sometimes it takes a little extra information to truly capture the reader’s attention. That’s where stats come in. A well-placed stat about your product can sometimes be enough to inspire a prospective customer to pick up the phone to learn more. […]
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What is Database Marketing and Why is it Important?

Posted by FMID Marketing On April 19, 2018
    You already have information on your current customers. You probably have some market research or sales information on your top prospects (if not, we can get you that data). But instead of letting all that data collect dust - literally or figuratively - you could be putting it to work. Database marketing allows you to use that data to reach farmers with the right message at exactly the right moment. It lets you work smarter, not harder. You can achieve twice the results in half the time. […]
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