How to Use Data Insights Without an IT Team

Posted by Timothy Wier On February 28, 2019
  Good data and information – specifically around the behaviors of your target audience – can help you improve your marketing and sales efforts through personalized and targeted messaging. But many companies feel that they need an IT team in order to process and interpret the data analysis. […]
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Farm Market iD Offers On-Farm Grain Storage Data to Agribusiness

Posted by Steve Rao On February 25, 2019
    Geospatial analysis and data science help to deliver details of over 900,000 grain bins representing more than $75 billion in stored grain. […]
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Decision-Support Technology to Drive Agribusiness Revenue

Posted by Timothy Wier On February 19, 2019
Decision-support technology has many applications in agronomy and precision ag, and many companies are investing in it. But beyond prescriptive applications, which are important and necessary, this technology can help agribusinesses make the decisions to grow their reach among farmers and put more of their products in farmers’ hands. […]
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Accurate Agriculture Data: Why Surveys Just Don't Cut It

Posted by Steve Rao On February 14, 2019
  Surveys are really common in the agriculture industry as a way of collecting information about farmers and their operations. Unfortunately, this can set agribusinesses back because there are very common weaknesses that come when you collect data from subjective gathering methods like surveys.  The most important marketing asset you have is information. You want to know about farmers’ behaviors, interests, needs and more. So gathering this data should be a top priority. […]
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Challenges with Agriculture Data Use and How to Overcome Them

Posted by Kelly Idol On February 01, 2019
    When I talk to people who’ve worked with Farm Market iD in the past, I will occasionally hear that they’ve tried using data but it hasn’t worked well for them. Since I’ve seen success first-hand from a number of industries – including financial services, grain, seed, retail – this takes me by surprise. So I often ask them questions about what they’ve done with the data to get such disappointing results. […]
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3 Agriculture Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Posted by Timothy Wier On January 30, 2019
    The agriculture industry is changing. While many of the typical hallmarks of ag are the same – the community, the emphasis on family and, most importantly, the crucial role ag place in our economy and our world – the way that farmers farm is changing. That means that your business has to adapt as a result. Farmers aren’t behind the times when it comes to social media and the Internet. And the prevalence of technology in ag is certainly creating new opportunities for businesses to break in and begin offering new and innovative products and services. […]
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Solving Agriculture Problems with Geospatial Analysis & Data Science [Case Study]

Posted by Steve Rao On January 24, 2019
    Big Data can be intimidating. But at its most fundamental level, it's very simple and practical: data provides information that helps us solve agriculture problems. […]
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Highly Effective Sales Conversations: Made Possible by Data

Posted by Timothy Wier On January 23, 2019
    You know that data is an integral part of a successful sales strategy. But it also makes you better able to have highly effective sales conversations. You certainly can’t walk up to farmers in the field and divulge random bits of information, expecting to land a sale. More likely, being too knowledgeable will scare away potential clients and the opportunity for gaining new sales. […]
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Increase Seed Sales Among Your Team & Your Dealers

Posted by John Montandon On January 21, 2019
  As a sales manager, you’re looking for ways to increase seed sales so you can hit your revenue goals. But the added challenge of working with dealers and distributors alongside your own sales team means there are many pieces to making that happen. […]
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