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    Want to Reach the Next Gen Farmer? Try Digital Audio Ads.

    Posted by Precision Reach Team on Aug 3, 2020
      Digital audio is booming in the United States as consumers stream radio, music and podcasts on their smart phones, desktops, tablets, and ...
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    6 Farmer Buyer Persona Examples for Marketing & Sales

    Posted by FMiD Team on Jul 27, 2020
      A solid set of buyer personas can dramatically improve your marketing and sales efforts. With them, you can tailor your messaging, products and ...
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    Why High Viewability Doesn't Equal High Conversions

    Posted by Precision Reach Team on Jul 27, 2020
      Viewability is a buzzword that surfaces continuously in the ad tech industry, and with so many different players in the space, it can be a ...
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    What You Need to Build a Solid Agriculture Revenue Strategy

    Posted by FMiD Team on Jul 23, 2020
    Growing sales and revenue is the end goal of every sales and marketing strategy. But there are better and worse ways to achieve that growth. The more ...
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    How to Win Market Share with Location-Based Mobile Marketing

    Posted by Precision Reach Team on Jul 20, 2020
      Location-based marketing is a direct marketing strategy that serves advertising or content based upon someone’s current or previous location. This ...
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    Programmatic Advertising in a Nutshell

    Posted by Precision Reach Team on Jul 13, 2020
      By David Robert Jackson for the Precision Reach Team Programmatic advertising uses AI-powered algorithms to help you buy audience-specific online ...
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    5 Top Tips for the Agriculture Sales Representative

    Posted by FMiD Team on Jul 8, 2020
      High-performing salespeople adapt their sales practices to both customer and context. They listen to the changing needs to farmers and adapt ...
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    A Plain-English Guide & Glossary to Programmatic Advertising

    Posted by Precision Reach Team on Jul 6, 2020
      Programmatic ads give brands or agencies the ability to purchase within milliseconds because of the sophisticated ecosystem of algorithms. The ...
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    Cookie-Less Advertising: What's Coming and How Should You Prepare?

    Posted by Precision Reach Team on Jun 29, 2020
      Back in 1994, Lou Montulli, a highly skilled web browser programmer at Netscape Communications, developed a website tracking solution called ...
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    Building a Product-Market Fit Strategy for Your Agribusiness

    Posted by FMiD Team on Jun 22, 2020
      No matter your business model, any successful revenue strategy requires a close fit between the product and the needs of the customer. While it's ...
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