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    2019 Crop Production: 17.4 Million “Lost Acres” Identified

    Posted by FMiD Team on Sep 19, 2019

    Identify farmers and fields hardest hit by weather events in 2019 using our in-season data

    WESTMONT, Ill. (September 19, 2019) — Farm Market iD’s updated, in-season data now includes this season’s “lost acres”. In total, 17.4 million crop production acres have been lost in key broad-acre states compared to 18 million acres reported by USDA in the same states.

    Lost acres include fields and acres that are normally planted and now have a failed crop, were never planted or contain a cover crop. The data is incorporated into Farm Market iD’s FarmFocus and FieldVision applications as a demographic summary of acres or visualized through field mapping.

    Our in-season data covers corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton in 20 states plus the addition of the lost acres. Using geospatial imagery and machine learning algorithms, in-season data indicates the most current farmer and field information available.

    “FarmFocus and FieldVision offer our clients detailed data on which farmers are most likely part of the USDA Prevented Planting program,” said Steve Rao, Farm Market iD CEO. “This information can help agribusinesses make more informed and strategic product, program and business decisions going into the late growing season and harvest.”

    Lost acres in crop layer

    Lost acres (shown in black) on the 2019 crop layer.


    Lost acres as a demographic

    Lost acres as an FMiD demographic.

    This data has been captured through remote sensing, using weekly satellite imagery to evaluate the vegetative health, growth and conditions of crops. From this, our data analysts determine non-viable acres that have been historically planted and assign those acres to fields and growers through our farmer-attributed farm field boundaries.

    If you aren’t currently licensing in-season data, click here to contact our team. We’ll set you up with access to this valuable information through both field- and grower-level applications.

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