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    Top Tips for Digital Marketing in the Ag Industry

    Posted by FMiD Team on Nov 6, 2018

    Top Tips for Digital Marketing in the Ag Industry

    Have you jumped into ag digital marketing yet? Here are some tips to help you get started. 

    Marketing to farmers can seem like a challenge, but despite what some may think about farmers being “behind on the times,” the process is much easier nowadays.

    Our world is becoming increasingly more mobile across many different industries, and that includes agriculture. Farmers now use email and digital marketing, like social media, in addition to traditional print sources and advertising to keep up with news and obtain information.

    But there are certain ways to accurately market to the right audience using technology that farmers are also using. Here are three top tips for ag digital marketing.

    Email Marketing in Ag

    In 2015, Most farmers were using using smartphones and tablets and that number has grown to around 90% in 2017. Of these farmers, over 75% of them use their smartphones for email.

    Because farmers often read email on their mobile devices, it’s essential to keep your content mobile-friendly and double-check the recipient’s ability to view it on their smartphone, whether you’re using Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or other sites. Check your text to make sure it’s large and easy to read and that your call-to-action is large and easy to click. A mobile-friendly experience will benefit your audience, keep them in the loop, and keep them happy.

    Targeted Digital Ads

    When you hear "digital ads," what comes to mind? Are you thinking about buying direct placement on an ag media site - and haggling over viewability and other metrics like that? 

    There's a better way to do your digital ads.

    Now, the majority of digital advertising is done through programmatic ads, which mean that ads are set to follow specific online IDs across a network of sites, with thousands of possibilities for ad placements. That means that if you have email addresses, IP addresses, or other information about your customers, you can onboard them and make sure your ads are viewed on the New York Times, Fox News, ESPN, Recipes.com - and much more.

    Instead of paying for the placement, pay for the person. Click here to learn more about programmatic advertising

    Social Media Marketing

    Young farmers are more likely to use social media to promote their businesses, but older farmers are following suit. Follow farmers in your audience on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to establish a digital connection. Posting photos and videos, sharing relevant ag-focused articles, and live-tweeting events—like tours, field days, farm conventions, etc.—are some ways to keep farmers engaged.

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