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    [Video] 10 Ag Marketing Solutions in FarmFocus

    Posted by FMiD Team on Apr 7, 2020


    [Video] 10 Ag Marketing Solutions in FarmFocus

    Having great data is one thing; turning that data into actionable marketing and sales insights is something else entirely. 

    FarmFocus with GrowerProfile, a data-powered marketing and sales application from Farm Market iD, gives you both. 

    We design each of our applications to contextualize our data -- the most accurate, detailed, comprehensive and current in agriculture -- for marketers, salespeople, executives, and others who don’t necessarily have a data background. That way, anyone can make sense of it and, most importantly, put it to actionable use.

    Years ago, we launched the first version of FarmFocus with GrowerProfile. Since then, we’ve continued to update and enhance the application to provide more value to users. Watch the video to see all that FarmFocus now has to offer:

    FarmFocus GrowerProfile V7

    Here are some of the key ag marketing solutions that FarmFocus gives to you. 

    1. Custom Data Builds

    You have the potential to access over two million growers covering 320+ planted acres within FarmFocus. Whether you serve a broad or narrow market, we customize each user's initial data build so you're starting with the data that's relevant to you.

    This build is based on over 200 farmographics -- crop type, acreage, owner/operator status, grain bin count & capacity, etc. -- as well as consumer demographics, real estate data, and more. 

    2. List Segmentation

    Your targeted, personalized communications are only as effective as the lists of growers you’re communicating to. That’s why FarmFocus has powerful segmentation abilities that allow you to filter by a number of farmographics:

    • Crop type
    • Gross Farm Income
    • Grain bin count & capacity
    • Owner vs. operator status
    • And more

    After selecting a specific farmographic, you can drill down into the specific segments of growers based on their state and county, as well as their acreage. 

    3. Grower Lookup

    If you want to look for a specific grower or group of growers, FarmFocus' search functionality can help you search by name, state, county, demographics and more. You can also cross-reference multiple demographics -- for example, you want both Corn/Soy, wheat, and cotton growers -- you can use the tool for that as well. 

    4. State and County Grower Maps

    Our data is unique in that we are the only source of data that connects farmers to the specific fields they own and operate. So when we return a grower list -- whether through drill down or search -- you can visualize where all those growers are located geographically. That way, you can at a glance see which geographies have a high concentration of your target audience. 

    5. Detailed Grower Demographics

    In addition to a map view, you can view a tabular summary of all the growers that meet your drill down or search criteria. See farmographic info, complete contact information, and custom data fields like persona segment, wallet share, spend potential, and more. 

    You can export this data for any offline use, including email & social media marketing.

    6. Grower Contact Information

    When you click from FarmFocus into GrowerProfile, the first thing you’ll notice is the complete contact card to the left side of the screen. 

    Here we display the grower’s complete name, address, owner vs. operator status, phone number, and email address. You can view other grower information like spend potential, wallet share, segment, account number, and more. 

    Leave comments and notes, share growers among your sales team, select your favorite growers, and export reports to empower collaboration and alignment among your team. 

    7. Historical, In-Season, and Predictive Insights

    See a year-by-year summary of each farmographic associated with the grower, going back ten years.

    When you select a demographic, the fields that align with that demographic are highlighted on the map above. For example, if you select “Owner”, the fields that that grower owns will be highlighted above. 

    8. Field-Level Rotation Data

    Take a deep dive into the individual farm fields a grower owns and operates. You can click on a field ID within the Crop Rotation tool and see the rotation immediately displayed.

    It also works in reverse. You can click on a particular field on the map, and the rotation pattern for that field will show up below. 

    9. Related Growers

    Learn about the various decision-makers and stakeholders involved with that particular grower. Our Related Growers tool displays all the individuals who have a household, land, subsidy payment, family, or contact relationship with the original grower. 

    When you click on a related grower, the fields the growers have in common will be highlighted on the map above. 

    10. On-Farm Grain Storage Data

    Many farmers store grain in on-farm bins. FarmFocus leverages our on-farm grain storage data to identify the count and capacity of the bins through a meticulous data science exercise that relies on objective, geospatial insights, not surveys.

    View the location of on-farm grain storage on the map. Under the Grain Storage tab, you can select a particular bin and identify the elevators, feedlots and ethanol plants within a selected radius of that bin.

    FarmFocus GrowerProfile V7