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    Ag Retailer Audience Targeting

    Posted by Precision Reach Team on Aug 24, 2020


    Ag Retailer Audience Targeting

    A new programmatic advertising option from Precision Reach.

    Ag Retailers are pivotal influencers and solution providers for farmers across North America. Their products and services include crop protection, seed, feed, nutrients, equipment, and digital tools. They employ crop advisors, agronomists, and custom applicators.

    According to a CropLife article, the total revenue of the top ag retailers in the nation exceeded $32 billion in 2019. The top 7 retailers each surpassed $1 billion in sales last year.

    Connecting with Ag Retailers is an essential marketing tactic for many ag brands.

    Over the past year, the Precision Reach Ops team has developed an audience-based programmatic advertising solution to serve display, native and video ads to over 5,100 US and Canada retail locations.

    Map of ag retailer target locations


      Ag Retailer Counts in the US

    Ag Retailer Counts in Canada

    “We currently estimate a target audience of over 73,000 U.S. ag retail employees to programmatically deliver ads to their mobile, tablet and desktop devices,” according to Michael Jung, Vice President of Operations at Precision Reach. “Ag Retail employees are significant influencers and at times are the decision makers for many farm operations. Reaching this cohort is critical for any brand or product that utilizes the channel.”

    Other farmer-support audiences available at Precision Reach for programmatic advertising campaigns include:

    • Certified Crops Advisers (CCA) in US and Canada
    • Pest Control Advisers (PCA) in California
    • Crop Insurance Agents in US

    For more information on digital advertising to Ag Retailers and other agribusiness segments, please contact Bob Schenck at bob.schenck@precisionreach.com or call 847-778-1886