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How to Encourage Farm Data Use Among Your Marketing and Sales Teams

Posted by FMiD Team On August 01, 2019
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7 Details to Know When Selling to Farmers

Posted by FMiD Team On July 29, 2019
When talking to a farmer, you want the most impactful conversation possible. Having details about their operation available makes all the difference when selling to farmers. Both you and the farmer are busy people, and every minute is precious. Spending time asking the farmer for information you could’ve gained beforehand is a waste of both your time and theirs. Instead of saying “tell me about your farm,” do your homework ahead of time to understand what’s going on. There are plenty of advantages to this approach: The burden isn’t on the farmer to carry the weight of the conversation The conversation begins immediately with you offering helpful and insightful tips to them The sales process moves along more quickly, allowing you to increase your own sales velocity Here are seven pieces of detailed information that can help you better understand the operation before you start selling to farmers. 1. Acreage & Farm Size Small farmers and large farmers have completely different needs. One of those groups may not even be in a position to do business with you, especially if you specialize in high-dollar items that only large farmers can take advantage of. But it’s more than that. Understanding how many acres the farmer grows is one thing. Being able to view those acres on a map to understand how the whole operation is spread out is also important. The image below shows farm fields that a sample grower owns and operates: A selection of farm fields of a sample grower. With access to the right data, you can examine not only where the fields are located geographically, but also where they intersect with the Cropland Data Layer to see which crops are planted where: A sample grower’s fields intersected with the 2018 Cropland Data Layer. Knowing how much land a grower farms, where those fields are and the specific crops they grow on certain fields helps you understand what kind of operation they’re running. This gives you a better idea of the products and services they’re interested in, or if they’re even a good fit. 2. Planting History & Crop Rotation Pattern Farmers are intimately tied to the land they own and manage and the crops they grow. Understanding the planting history and patterns over time helps you contextualize the current state of the operation, allowing you to provide more helpful insights in your conversations. Below are three images, showing the CDLs from 2016, 2017, and 2018: […]
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3 Marketing Strategies for Agriculture Products

Posted by FMiD Team On July 26, 2019
When marketing to farmers, how do you know that you’re reaching the right farmer for your product? And how do you know you’re reaching them at the right time? Answering these questions is essential for developing effective marketing strategies for agriculture products. […]
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Why Agribusinesses Need to Modernize Strategic Decision-Making

Posted by FMiD Team On July 12, 2019
What is the foundation your go-to-market strategy? Is it the assumptions you’ve made about the industry? Or detailed data that tells you exactly what’s happening in your market?   […]
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Annual Update: 2018 Crop Year Data Covers 2.8 Million Growers, 323 Million Planted Acres

Posted by FMiD Team On July 03, 2019
WESTMONT, Ill. -- Farm Market iD released its annual farmer, crop and farmland database update on June 28, 2019, providing powerful insights from the 2018 crop year. This granular, field-level data mapped to farmers covers 95+ percent of U.S. farmers and crops to help agribusinesses understand and communicate with their market, including market and wallet share analysis. […]
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3 Market Trends from the 2017 Census and Our Farm Data

Posted by FMiD Team On April 26, 2019
The 2017 Census of Agriculture results have been out for a few weeks and you’re probably already figuring out what it means for your agribusiness’ long-term strategy. […]
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Identifying the Growers and Farms Impacted by the Midwest Flooding Crisis

Posted by FMiD Team On April 10, 2019
    With the recent flooding crisis in the Midwest expected to present problems all the way into July, it will no doubt impact the 2019 planting season and is already having an impact on the grain that farmers store on their farms. Understanding the specific impact and how it relates to your prospects and customers will be essential as your business moves forward in the coming months. […]
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The Pitfalls of Ignoring Data Intelligence in Sales

Posted by FMiD Team On January 31, 2018
    Maybe this whole data analysis thing seems too good to be true. Or perhaps it seems like an awful lot of effort for gleaning a few extra talking points. After all, you’ve been in the business for a while and know, for the most part, what it takes to make a sale. Whether you think you need a more data driven approach in the field or not, consider what happens when you don’t use data. […]
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