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Farm Market iD Offers On-Farm Grain Storage Data to Agribusiness

Posted by Steve Rao On February 25, 2019
    Geospatial analysis and data science help to deliver details of over 900,000 grain bins representing more than $75 billion in stored grain. […]
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Accurate Agriculture Data: Why Surveys Just Don't Cut It

Posted by Steve Rao On February 14, 2019
  Surveys are really common in the agriculture industry as a way of collecting information about farmers and their operations. Unfortunately, this can set agribusinesses back because there are very common weaknesses that come when you collect data from subjective gathering methods like surveys.  The most important marketing asset you have is information. You want to know about farmers’ behaviors, interests, needs and more. So gathering this data should be a top priority. […]
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Solving Agriculture Problems with Geospatial Analysis & Data Science [Case Study]

Posted by Steve Rao On January 24, 2019
    Big Data can be intimidating. But at its most fundamental level, it's very simple and practical: data provides information that helps us solve agriculture problems. […]
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Using Data to Market to the 21st Century Farmer

Posted by Steve Rao On January 08, 2019
  If you’re having trouble understanding your farmers’ patterns, behaviors or decision-making process, it’s time to start using data. Here are some tips for using data to market to the 21st century farmer.  […]
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How Machine Learning in Agriculture is Changing the Industry

Posted by Steve Rao On December 18, 2018
We know computers are getting smarter. And we know that these smart computers are becoming much more prevalent in agriculture. But are you fully aware of how machine learning in agriculture is impacting the industry? Machine learning is a branch of computer science in which engineers teach a computer to recognize patterns on its own. A computer that “learns” this way develops new rules for understanding the world, allowing it to discover secrets in data without being directly programmed where to look. […]
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How a Data-Informed Conversation Can Get Farmers Talking

Posted by Steve Rao On December 11, 2018
    Agriculture data shouldn't replace on the ground, one-on-one conversations with farmers. In fact, this kind of data can help improve your conversations and get farmers talking about their needs.  […]
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Top Tips for Digital Marketing in the Ag Industry

Posted by Steve Rao On November 06, 2018
Have you jumped into ag digital marketing yet? Here are some tips to help you get started.  Marketing to farmers can seem like a challenge, but despite what some may think about farmers being “behind on the times,” the process is much easier nowadays. Our world is becoming increasingly more mobile across many different industries, and that includes agriculture. Farmers now use email and digital marketing, like social media, in addition to traditional print sources and advertising to keep up with news and obtain information. But there are certain ways to accurately market to the right audience using technology that farmers are also using. Here are three top tips for ag digital marketing. […]
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Predicting Farmers’ Planting Decisions for the 2019 Crop Season

Posted by Steve Rao On November 05, 2018
    If you could predict next year’s crop season, what would you do with that information? You’d probably use it to make decisions around your agribusiness’ overall strategy, marketing outreach efforts, and sales goals. While you don’t have a crystal ball, you have the next best thing at your disposal: data. […]
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Top Agribusiness Marketing Strategies for 2019

Posted by Steve Rao On November 01, 2018
    If you haven't already, this is a great time to start establishing your agribusiness marketing strategies for the rest of 2019. Marketing in agribusiness has changed a lot over the last few years. New technologies, access to data and increased sophistication among farmers are forcing agri-marketers to become more focused and precise. […]
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