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Our Top Agribusiness Topics of 2018 That Aren’t the Farm Bill [Compilation Post]

Posted by Timothy Wier On January 18, 2019
    The Farm Bill dominated conversations in ag in 2018 – and its effects are still a hot topic. But it wasn’t the only thing ag companies were discussing. There are other issues among the top agribusiness topics of 2018. […]
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4 Easy Ways to Start Using Social Media for Your Farmers

Posted by Timothy Wier On January 16, 2019
    If you're wondering whether social media marketing is a good investment for your ag company, start out with some easy baby steps. Here are some easy ways to get started using social media your farmers. Social media is more than just a communications channel. Each platform – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. – is its own online community. And it’s changing the way we market. Social media isn’t a place to simply “blast things out” and hope they go viral. Rather, it’s a place to continually nurture and engage your audience, establishing yourself as a presence in their day-to-day lives. […]
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How to Increase Your Ag Retail Sales in 2019

Posted by Timothy Wier On January 14, 2019
    It’s a new year, which means new revenue goals. Have you developed the best strategy for increasing your ag retail sales in 2019? Are you sure you’re talking to your ideal customer? Is your business reaching all the farmers in your area? Are you getting the most business out of the customers you already have? […]
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Why Direct Mail Marketing Still Works - and How to Take Advantage

Posted by Timothy Wier On December 04, 2018
Direct mail marketing still works - but only if you do it right. And only if it's part of a well-planned marketing strategy.  Even in the age of digital connection, direct mail is here to stay (for a while, anyway). Sending a mailer that lands directly in your farmers’ mailboxes is a great way to capture their attention. And among farmers in particular, it’s one of the most reliable ways to stay in touch with them. […]
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Farmers on Facebook: How Are You Marketing to Them?

Posted by Timothy Wier On November 27, 2018
    Among all the social media platforms out there, Facebook is the preferred choice in agriculture. Since farmers are on Facebook, how are you incorporating it into your marketing strategy? Facebook currently has 2 billion monthly active users. 214 million of those are in the United States – that’s over two-thirds of the U.S. population. This means that Facebook presents agri-marketers with a powerful way to reach farmers in direct and powerful ways. It’s only been thirteen years since Facebook was founded. But since that fateful day, the social media network has become one of the most powerful and important influencers in the world, becoming a platform where people can share their message and their thoughts with people connected with them. […]
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How Much Email Marketing Costs and Why It's Worth the Investment

Posted by Timothy Wier On November 20, 2018
Are you considering investing in email marketing, but are unsure of the cost and ROI? Learn how much email marketing costs, and why it's worth it for you to invest. (Click here to download our email profitability calculator to see how email will generate ROI for you.) While social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are useful and effective digital marketing tools, they pale in comparison to email. Email is a solidly tried-and-true channel for marketing. If you want to build direct connections with your farmers, it’s time to start investing in email marketing. But don’t take our word for it – check out these stats and see for yourself. […]
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New Ways for Reaching Out to Farmers

Posted by Timothy Wier On November 13, 2018
  Emails and calls have been used to reach out to farmers for a long time. But they aren't the only channels available to you Sometimes you’ll find that your emails and calls just aren’t working like they used to. Maybe farmers are taken aback when you cold call them and, therefore, unresponsive. Maybe ISP filters are keeping your messages from landing in the inbox, so they’re going to Junk or Spam instead. Whatever the case, a decline in email or call effectiveness doesn’t mean the end of the world for your agri-marketing and sales initiatives. […]
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Facebook Marketing to Farmers: How to Track Your Campaign Results

Posted by Timothy Wier On October 30, 2018
  One of the primary advantages of Facebook marketing to farmers is the ability to track campaign results. See who’s interacting with your ads in real time and make adjustments in response to those metrics. That way, you’re only investing your dollars in the ads that are actually engaging your audience. […]
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How to Build Facebook Audiences That Target Your Ideal Farmer

Posted by Timothy Wier On October 25, 2018
When you’re using Facebook to target your ideal farmer, you can control where your ads go and, thus, where your dollars are going. That’s why before you launch your ad campaign, it’s important for you to pick who’s going to see your ad. […]
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