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    Big Reach Network Renews Multi-Year Agreement with Farm Market iD

    Posted by FMiD Team on Mar 9, 2020


    Big Reach Network Renews Exclusive Multi-Year Agreement with Farm Market iD


    CHICAGO, Illinois — Big Reach Network announces that they’ve renewed their exclusive multi-year agreement with Farm Market iD, giving them sole digital-use access to the most accurate, detailed and current farmer database in agriculture to power their Precision Reach programmatic advertising platform.

    “Farm Market iD’s data helps put the ‘precise’ in Precision Reach. It allows agrimarketers to target specific farmers with 100% confidence that their digital ad message is being served to the right crop growers and livestock producers,” said Bob Schenck, president Big Reach Network.

    “Our agreement allows us to provide Data-Driven Programmatic to the industry. We don’t need to broadcast to the masses or guess by using rural zip codes or lookalike modeling to reach the target audience – we know precisely who to deliver our customer’s message by the integration of the Farm Market iD data.”

    Big Reach Network’s exclusive agreement with Farm Market iD includes the execution of targeted digital advertising campaigns that leverage Farm Market iD’s leading database of detailed row crop, specialty crop and livestock data. More than 2.4 million producer records with 195 demo codes and 1.6 million email addresses are continuously matched to a farmer’s desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

    This allows ag marketers to serve their ad messages across the Web as well when they are watching connected TV (CTV) like Hulu and Roku or listening to streaming audio like Pandora and Spotify.

    By coupling hyper-local geotargeting to over 80,000 white-listed websites and apps with Farm Market iD custom data segments, digital advertising is delivered by crop, acreage, animal species, herd size and numerous other demographic options.

    With this partnership, advertisers are not limited to going to ag sites to reach customers because the Farm Market iD data allows more precise targeting wherever the farmer travels online -- helping brands stand out from their competitors.

    “We are pleased to continue our relationship with Big Reach Network. Our robust database has been the perfect fit for their Precision Reach programmatic platform and offers additional value to our customers,” said Steve Rao, Farm Market iD CEO.

    “With the Precision Reach technology platforms, we can extend the reach of agrimarketers to include online and mobile destinations with the same highly accurate, targeted and detailed data that Farm Market iD has been providing for years. Clients can fully integrate their sales, marketing and communications strategies to maximize ROI.”

    For more information about Big Reach Network and Precision Reach, please visit BigReach Network.com. For more information about Farm Market iD, visit FarmMarketiD.com