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    [New Data] Do Commercials on CTV Boost Your Clicks for Banner Ads?

    Posted by Precision Reach Team on Aug 10, 2020


    Do Commercials on CTV Boost Clicks for Banner Ads?

    Connected Television (CTV) advertising continues to grow rapidly in the US. According to eMarketer, CTV ad spending will top $10.8 billion by 2021, up from $7 billion in 2019. Their research predicts over 204 million users of CTV in 2022.


    % of households that use a CTV device


    Farmers and ranchers are no different. More and more, they too are streaming video via YouTube, Hulu, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and many other outlets as evidenced in our dashboard reports where all ad campaigns are delivered to qualified farmer records matched to their mobile, desktop, tablet or smart television devices.

    In the past 16 months, our Precision Reach operations team has successfully delivered (“scaled”) a total of 22 CTV campaigns powered by Farm Market ID data to reach growers of select crops and acreage size.

    Half of these 22 campaigns included a Display Banner campaign deployed to the same audience.

    One of our CTV advertisers requested a breakout of click through rates (CTR) between the growers served CTV + Display campaigns versus those growers only getting the banner ads. We analyzed the 11 campaigns served both media tactics. Over 5.2 million total ad impressions were served.


    CTV Example


    Comparing Display Banner CTR – With and Without Connected Television Campaign

    CTV Farmer Campaigns* Run by Precision Reach | March 2019 – July 2020


      Flight Months Ag Brand Category FMiD Grower Demo Display CTR w/ CTV Display CTR w/o CTV Difference
    1 Mar-Jun Herbicide 1+ wheat 0.188% 0.130% 44.415%
    2 Mar-Aug Herbicide 250+ Corn/Soy 0.072% 0.080% -8.876%
    3 Jan-Mar Insecticide 250+ cotton 0.193% 0.103% 88.002%
    4 Sep-Feb Seed 250+ corn 0.158% 0.070% 123.824%
    5 Aug-Dec Soy Seed 250+ Corn/Soy 0.175% 0.088% 99.009%
    6 Mar-Apr Irrigation North 1000+ Row Crops 0.391% 0.215% 81.882%
    7 Feb-Mar Irrigation South 1000+ Row Crops 0.415% 0.264% 57.464%
    8 Oct-Dec Seed Treatment 250+ Corn/Soy 0.038% 0.056% -32.503%
    9 Nov-Feb Seed 100+ dairy, 50+ corn 0.163% 0.165% 0.000%
    10 Oct-Dec Herbicide 500+ corn 0.297% 0.122% 144.459%
    11 Sep-Dec Rewards Program 250+ planted acres 0.161% 0.096% 66.745%
    Total       0.168% 0.103% 63.045%


    *serving 15 to 30 second commercials; average video completion rate of 97%


    • 8 of the 11 CTV campaigns resulted in higher Display Banner click rates
    • In the 8 campaigns where the CTR was higher for the CTV audience the range of difference was: 44% - 144% with a median value of 85%.
    • In the 2 campaigns where the CTR was higher for the non-CTV audience the range of difference was: 9% - 32%

    What's the Takeaway?

    Overall, those farmers that were served a CTV ad impression and then served a display impression, were 63% more likely to click the display ad verse farmers in the same FMID audience segment that had not be served the CTV impression.

    The benefits of an integrated marketing campaign, namely consistency and clarity of message, building trust with the audience, and being top of mind is evidenced by these results.

    Run a CTV campaign along with a sibling display campaign to enjoy the benefits of an integrated marketing approach to best connect with farmers.

    CTV/OTT Illustration


    For more information on CTV and other video campaigns at Precision Reach, contact Bob Schenck at bob.schenck@precisionreach.com or call/text 847-778-1886

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