How Much Email Marketing Costs and Why It's Worth the Investment

Posted by Timothy Wier On November 20, 2018


Are you considering investing in email marketing, but are unsure of the cost and ROI? Learn how much email marketing costs, and why it's worth it for you to invest.

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While social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are useful and effective digital marketing tools, they pale in comparison to email. Email is a solidly tried-and-true channel for marketing.

If you want to build direct connections with your farmers, it’s time to start investing in email marketing. But don’t take our word for it – check out these stats and see for yourself.

Why Should You Invest in Email Marketing? These 10 Stats Will Tell You Why…

  1. 3 billion people – roughly half the world’s population – will be using email by the year 2020. (Source)
  2. Your customers are twice as likely to sign up for your email list as they are to interact with you on Facebook. (Source)
  3. Email has a higher conversion rate than social media, organic search, and paid search combined. (Source)
  4. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect a ROI of $38. (Source)
  5. 75 percent of companies agree that email offers “good” to “excellent” ROI. (Source)
  6. 86 percent of consumers want to receive monthly email updates from brands they follow. (Source)
  7. Segmented and targeted emails generate 58 percent of revenue for companies. (Source)
  8. Two-thirds of emails are read on smartphones and tablets. (Source)
  9. 48 percent of emails are opened on a smartphone. (Source)
  10. 41 percent of emails are opened on an iPhone. (Source)

Bonus Stats: What Challenges Do Email Marketers Have to Overcome?

  1. 54 percent of marketers say that increasing engagement rates is their top priority. (Source)
  2. 51 percent of marketers say that enriching contact data quality is their most significant barriers to success. (Source) (Here’s an article with some ideas for appending and enriching your contact data quality – and the tools you can use to do that.)
  3. 66 percent of unsubscribes occur between 5 and 10 pm – “prime time” for marketing to consumers (including farmers). (Source)

(Note: This article is part of the "Marketing to Farmers" series. Click here to  read the free guide.)

So Now What? How Do You Build Your Email Marketing Campaigns Based on These Stats?

Here are some tips for building an effective email marketing campaign based on these stats:

  • Make your email campaigns a priority, not an afterthought. Don’t fall prey to the “just blast it out” mentality. Carefully plan your email strategy, taking into account what your audience wants and expects to receive from you. Treat email like a major part of your marketing investment – because it will offer you a significant ROI.
  • Track ROI. If you’re going to justify investing in email marketing to the “higher-ups”, then you’re going to need to show ROI for your company. Track open rates, click rates, and use unique landing pages to track conversions from specific email campaigns. Know exactly what you’re getting for every dollar you invest in email marketing.
  • Segment and target your emails. Understand your various industries and buyer personas, and build segmented lists based on those attributes. Segmentation and targeting – which foster personalized, one-to-one connections with your audience – are your best friends when it comes to generating a return.
  • Make sure all your emails are mobile-friendly. You’ve seen the stats on mobile email usage already. So make sure all your emails are mobile-friendly, responsive, and able to be enjoyed on whatever device your audience is using.

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