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    How to Build Facebook Audiences That Target Your Ideal Farmer

    Posted by FMiD Team on Oct 25, 2018

    How to Build Facebook Audiences That Target Your Ideal Famer

    When you’re using Facebook to target your ideal farmer, you can control where your ads go and, thus, where your dollars are going.

    That’s why before you launch your ad campaign, it’s important for you to pick who’s going to see your ad.

    That’s right. Facebook lets you pick the audience for each ad, not the placement. Once you pick your audience, Facebook puts the ad directly into your audience’s news feed. So while farmers are scrolling through catching up on what’s happening with family, they’ll see your ad.

    Let’s talk first about how to segment and develop your perfect audience. Then we’ll talk about how to build that audience in Facebook.


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    Determining the Perfect Audience for Your Business

    The first step to determining the audience you want to target on Facebook is to start with your value proposition and work backwards. Whether it’s a given profit margin or gross revenue, meeting your number is your number one objective.

    Take a look at the products and services you offer. Then take a look at your number. And then ask yourself: Who’s the best audience to get me to that number?

    Put another way: Who’s going to benefit the most from what I’m offering?

    Here are some ways to do that:

    • Start by talking to current customers. The people you’ve done business with in the past are going to be a great asset for figuring this out. While they don’t represent the entirety of the market, they do understand the pain points that your product or service responds to.
    • Analyze your internal customer data. Not only can you gather qualitative information from talking to customers, but there’s a lot of quantitative information you can get just by looking at the numbers. What’s the age range for your current customers? What crops do they grow? What size operation do you usually sell to?
    • Remember that your current customer may not be your ideal customer. While looking at your current customers is a valuable exercise, they don’t represent the entirety of your market. Always be thinking about other farmers who could benefit from your products or services –research who else could be a good fit.

    After you have an idea of the kind of people who comprise your ideal audience, then you can start quantifying that to guide your research.

    The key is to look at your ideal audience that you determined in the previous section and make it more concrete by assigning specific demographics to it.

    • Crop type / rotation pattern
    • Gross Farm Income
    • Number of acres farmed
    • Specialty vs. commodity
    • Geographic location
    • Number of individual farm fields operated

    Applying that Audience to Facebook

    Once you’ve determined your ideal audience, you can use those demographics to build the audience n Facebook.

    There are two steps to do this. The first is to utilize Facebook Targeting. The second is to augment that with a custom audience file of reliable ag data.

    Facebook Targeting. Although it may seem a bit like George Orwell’s infamous “Big Brother” from the novel 1984, Facebook actively collects hundreds of data points on its users. You can use this data to your advantage by creating targeted audiences directly within Facebook.


    Build custom audiences in Facebook based on hundreds of demographics

     While these demographics are a good start, they’re generic and can apply to a variety of industries. None of them are ag-specific. That’s why it’s important to complement them with a custom file of farmers from an ag data provider.

    Upload Contacts. Facebook lets you upload a .csv file into their Ads Manager, and serve your ads directly to those people. A .csv of farmers who fit the demographics you discussed earlier can be easily acquired from Farm Market iD.


    Upload a .csv file to target farmers based on email address.

    That way, you can be sure that your ads are reaching farmers.


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