Facebook Marketing in the Ag Industry: The Top 4 Campaign Types

Posted by Timothy Wier On October 02, 2018


Facebook Marketing in the Ag Industry: the Top 4 Campaign Types


As more farmers become active and engaged on social media – especially on Facebook – it’s important to include this wide-reaching platform in your ag marketing campaign.

When it comes to Facebook marketing in the ag industry, there are a lot of options available to marketers. Whether your campaign goal is brand reach, web traffic, or lead generations, Facebook can help you build ad campaigns and optimize them against those goals.

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Not only that, but you can track campaign results in real time, so you always know whether you’re actually reaching those goals.

Plus, when you’re using ag data to directly target these ads to the specific farmers in your market, you know that these ads are reaching the right people and driving them to engage with your business and brand.

We’ll cover the top four campaign types for ag marketers, and how to use them in actually generate results for your business.

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Brand Awareness Campaigns

A brand awareness campaign takes your branded content and gives it as wide a reach on Facebook as possible. If you want to prime the market for a new potential product or simply want to generate a buzz, this is a great campaign type to use.

A brand awareness campaign’s success is tracked by the number of likes, comments and shares the ad receives. The more it gets, the more Facebook will distribute that ad to your audience.


Brand Awareness Campaign


Here are some tips for optimizing this type of campaign:

  • The content and creative should be something that people are going to quickly engage with in the application – a graphic or a meme or, better yet, video
  • The goal here is not to generate leads, but to spread the word about your business on the platform and get your audience to share the content with their audience, building up your organic reach
  • Think of this as a boost for your organic Facebook tactics – use it to generate traction so you can use your organic social media marketing to generate interest

Web Traffic Campaigns

A significant plank in your digital marketing strategy is a website that attracts and converts new leads for your business. You can use Facebook ads to drive that web traffic.

These are great for promoting blogs, educational content, or information about your products and services as part of a prospect education campaign.

Web traffic campaigns are simple. All you need is your targeted Facebook ad and the URL of the webpage you want to drive them to.


Web Traffic Campaign


Here are a couple tips for optimizing a web traffic campaign:

  • Optimize based on clicks so you’ll generate traffic to your website
  • Make sure the ad creative is general information about your brand – don’t let them think there’s an offer on the other side

Conversion Campaigns

Because of its direct connection with farmers, Facebook is a powerful tool for lead generation. The next two types of campaigns are focused specifically on generating new leads for your business.

The classic conversion campaign involves three components: the Facebook ad, the landing page, and the thank you page. The customer’s journey through those three pages is illustrated below.


Conversion Campaign


The conversion campaign is structured to entice the farmer to click on the Facebook ad and then fill out a form on the landing page, which then directs them to the Thank You page.

This kind of campaign is excellent for promoting gated educational content, driving registration for a webinar or in-person event, or setting up meetings with farmers to walk them through your products and services.

Here are some tips for optimizing these campaigns:

  • Focus your analysis and adjustment on the conversion Impressions, views and clicks are leading indicators, but they don’t capture the overall success of the campaign
  • Your ad, landing page and thank you page have to have an integrated message and theme to show consistency and guide them along the journey; otherwise, your farmer may bounce as soon as they click on the ad

Lead Ad Campaigns

The final type of campaign we’ll look at here is a Lead Ad campaign. This is a new feature offered in Facebook, and it offers an advantage that conversion campaigns don’t: it eliminates steps in the conversion process, which will likely increase conversions overall.

Lead Ads function by keeping the entire form in the ad itself rather than a landing page. These forms integrate with your CRM so the data flows seamlessly from Facebook to your database.


Lead Ad Campaign


Here are some tips for optimizing Lead Ads:

  • Limit your form fields to five or less to increase the likelihood of conversion
  • Make sure your value proposition is clear so you’re able to convince farmers to give up their information while scrolling through Facebook

These four types of campaigns can help you achieve your specific business goals when you’re targeting ads to farmers. Since farmers are making use of social media, this is something you definitely want to take advantage of.

Facebook marketing in the ag industry has never been easier.

To learn how to deliver targeted Facebook ads to your ideal farmer, download our guide here.

How to Target Your Ideal Farmer with Facebook Ads - Download the Guide
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