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    [Free Assessment] What’s Your Market Share? + Customer Analysis

    Posted by FMiD Team on Aug 31, 2020


    Free Analysis_ Whats Your Market Share of Customers_ (1)

    The path to agribusiness success is changing, but in a good way.

    As the market consolidates and farmers deal with more uncertainties in their decisioning, companies that are customer-centric will be the ones to win business and market share in the coming years.

    But what does it take to actually be a customer-centric agribusiness?

    You first have to know where you stand in terms of market share -- so you know how big of a mountain you have to climb. Then you have to know what the steps you need to take to climb that mountain. This comes down to product, price and persona: you have to know your customers' needs and the best way to serve them.

    Now more than ever, objective data can help you assess your standing and make the right decisions, so your organization can make the right strategic, marketing and sales decisions moving forward.

    To that end, Farm Market iD is offering a complimentary customer and market share assessment. Continue reading to learn more about what we’re offering: and claim yours today.

    Claim your free market share assessment here.

    What Does this Assessment Include?

    Our market share assessments look at how a customer is performing, comparing where they're doing, well versus where there’s room for improvement:

    • Geographic location(s). Who are the farmers within a physical distance of your retail/pickup/point of sale locations? What geographies are performing well in and where are we under-performing?
    • Crop type. What crops are your customers growing? Are there certain crops where we are missing business?
    • Acreage. Are there certain acreages where you over/under perform? Which acreages do you want to target? Are we doing well with 1,000+ acres but poorly with those under 1,000 acres?
    • Spend potential. Can your prospects meet your price point? We analyze the potential spend of each customer using average amount spent on seed, fertilizer, crop protection, etc. as provided by the USDA.
    • Grain bins. For those involved in the grain trade business, we can identify farmers with a certain annual bushel output and on-farm grain storage capacity.

    We compare your current customers to our data, giving you an idea of how much of the market you already have. Here's a quick example just looking at grower comparisons among three counties in Illinois:

    Example of market share analysis

    We can also give you an assessment of the various contact information (e.g. address, phone, email, etc.) you have on your customers and let you know where we can improve upon this.

    What’s the Catch?

    No catch. There is absolutely no obligation.

    We believe that data is the key to unlocking opportunity. So we’re offering this free of charge to help you find that opportunity in these challenging times.

    If you find an area where one of our products can help, we would be honored to do so, but ultimately this analysis is about helping you.

    Click here to claim your free analysis.