Why Your Go-to-Market Efforts Must Start with Strategy

Posted by Timothy Wier On January 15, 2018


Start with strategy


If you don’t have a clear direction for your business, you’ll never reap the full potential of your market and product offerings.

Whether you’ve been in business for decades or are launching a new venture, it’s important to establish business strategies before taking future steps.

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Before you jump into revamping your sales strategies or product development, you need a cohesive business strategy to direct your future activities.

Consider some of the top reasons why you need strategy for your business.


Master Your Market

When you know who you’re selling to, your sales and marketing strategies can practically write themselves. One of the biggest challenges that new businesses run into is wasting time, money and energy chasing the wrong leads - or worse, using ineffective strategies to pursue the same leads over and over again.

To overcome the challenge of a missing your market, you need to get to know your clients better. You need to deep dive into data sets that allow you to extrapolate important information about the farming practices, land size and income brackets of farmers in your territory to help you gain a larger portion of the market share in your field.

In order to find the ideal clients for your brand, you need to know where to hunt. Access to the right data means you can tailor sales and marketing strategies to potential clients you may have never known existed.


Take Advantage of Opportunities

There are opportunities in every market, and often many of the opportunities that could new clients to your company or increase your portion of your existing clients’ wallet shares simply go unnoticed. Make it your mission to identify opportunities around you and take steps to snap them up.

You can use data analysis to mine your markets for opportunities by thinking outside the box. Instead of continually sifting through the same old data, for example, look for data that lets you unlock new information about the farms you drive past every day on the way to the office.

Get used to asking “why?” and “what if?” questions. Often, the best opportunities don’t come knocking, but they’re pretty easy to uncover if you’re willing to do a little digging.


Overcome Your Competition

To overcome the threat of competitors in your territory, you need to address a plan of action to minimize the impact of your competitors’ strategies on your market share.

Maybe this means upgrading your technology to provide you with pointed information on where farmers need products like yours. Or maybe it means allocating a larger portion of your budget to maintain client relations.

When you think with the endgame in mind, take advantage of new information and implement intentional strategies in your organization, you’ll gain the power you need to leverage your sales strategies and beat your competition to new clients and territories.


Once you've pulled your strategy together, you can pull together a targeted and integrated marketing and sales campaign. Download our eBook on Using Data to Market & Sell to Farmers to find out how.


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