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    Why Integrated Marketing Gives You a Better ROI

    Posted by FMiD Team on Sep 10, 2018


    Why Integrated Marketing Gives You a Better ROI

    The number of marketing technologies available has exploded in the past few years. That means there are near countless ways to communicate your brand, products and message with the farmers you’re trying to reach.

    Any one of these channels can be effective in and of itself. But the best campaigns take your top-performing channels and bring them together in an integrated effort.

    Here are some of the channels available to agri-marketers:

    • Audience marketing through TV and radio, as well as direct placement ads in print or digital
    • Direct mail campaigns
    • Targeted programmatic advertising that serves your ads to specific farmers based on your audience criteria, and retargeting ads that serve ads to everyone who visits your website
    • Your website, including your blog and other web content
    • Email marketing, whether it’s an acquisition campaign or a nurture
    • Social media, especially on Facebook and YouTube, where farmers are the most active

    Campaigns that integrate three or four different channels outperform single-channel campaigns by over 300 percent.

    This makes sense intuitively. If a farmer sees a branded ad as a pre-roll video, and then receives an email in their inbox with the same information, they’re more likely to open and click the email – simply because they’re already familiar with it.

    Here are some of the ways that integrating these channels with a consistent message is going to improve your marketing ROI.


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    Your marketing efforts will compound one another.

    Your brand is your reputation. And no matter where farmers find you – online or offline – having a consistent brand breeds trust.

    Trust, in turn, leads to a purchase.

    It’s important to note that none of your ads are viewed in isolation. When someone sees an ad on a website, they’re going to expect – consciously or not – that a similar message, color scheme, font, and offer is going to be used when they receive an email, or watch a pre-roll video.

    And this extends beyond digital channels. If you have a brick-and-mortar storefront that you want to draw traffic to, or if you sell your products through retailers, it’s important to be consistent between the online messages and the physical storefront.

    Think of all of your branded content as a sign. Your website, ads, and stores should all be driving the farmer toward a purchase of some kind.

    Brand consistency is becoming more and more crucial as Millennials continue taking over America’s farms. 60 percent of Millennials expect consistency across brands online. That means that you have to be intentional about how you message and how it’s used in all your marketing materials.

    When your brand is consistent, then your efforts are going to compound each other, rather than detract. Each marketing effort will fuel the rest, resulting in more effectiveness among each channel.

    You’ll increase customer retention.

    The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” applies tenfold to customers and the brands they do business with. Farmers aren’t going out of their way to do business with you – and if you want to keep their attention, you have to work for it.

    The great advantage integrated marketing gives is that it does help increase customer retention. In fact, retailers who use integrated marketing retain 89 percent of their customers.

    But it only works if you’re consistent in how you design and deploy the ads. For instance, if you’ve been running a targeted campaign to large farmers and they all of a sudden see “The Best Equipment for Small Farms,” then your integrated campaign is going to backfire.

    That’s where segmentation and fact-based insights on your farmers is going to be absolutely essential. Know the farmers that you’re marketing to and the messages that they’ll respond to, and make sure to broadcast those messages across your channels, using data to make them targeted and precise.

    You’ll get more of your farmers’ share of wallet.

    Not only does integrated marketing mean that you’ll get more customers, it means you’ll get more from your customers.

    When you use integrated marketing, you’re likely to see at least a 10 percent spend increase among your customers. Here’s why:

    • Customers see more information about your various products and/or services, simply because more material is out there for them to see
    • Continual brand exposure leads customers to seek out your website and social media channels, exposing them more to your business and facilitating more research into your products
    • Customers who’ve already make a single purchase may think of other ways they can use your services when they see your ads and content across channels

    All of these three things – compounding marketing efforts, increased customer retention, and increased share of wallet – all feed into your ROI. Improving them will improve your ROI.

    And launching an integrated marketing campaign is the key to doing that.

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