Keeping Family First in Farm Marketing

Posted by Timothy Wier On September 05, 2017

keep family first in farm marketing

Despite recent changes in the agriculture industry, one aspect still dominates: family. So what are you doing to keep “family first” in your farm marketing?

According to the U.S. Census of Agriculture conducted in 2015, 97% of the 2.1 million farms in the United States are family owned and operated. Families have been crucial to the farming industry for years, with a farmer’s spouse, children, cousins, aunts, uncles, and more all involved in the business.

The farmer is often the focus of ag marketing efforts.  But what about the families and communities that stand by their farmers and have just as much influence on the business? Here are some ideas to help you market to both farmers and their families, keeping a family first in farm marketing.

Family-First Farm Marketing Starts with Making Connections

About 88% of American farms are small, family-owned farms. So while it’s important to focus on large-scale operations or large family farms, smaller farms shouldn’t be overlooked.

Start by creating materials that emphasize the importance of family in agriculture. Focus on family success stories or meet farmers at trade shows to help you understand how they share their knowledge and experiences with others. This will help your content be more customer-driven for both the farming community and other audiences outside of the industry who may have taken interest in family ag businesses.

Don’t Focus on One Generation

Some marketers may get caught up in focusing on older farmers and may overlook millennials who are continuing their family’s business. But family-first farm marketing requires you to gather input from multiple generations of farmers. This will give you information as to the family’s processes, traditions, and legacy. Many family farms rely on family labor and these processes may have stayed the same for years or have evolved with the changing times. Gathering information from older and younger generations can put an interesting spin on marketing materials by making them relatable to audiences across the industry.

Above all, it’s crucial to stay on-brand and create the most effective content for your audiences. To do that, you’ll need accurate data and information to help you pinpoint family farms and eventually understand their influence on the industry. At Farm Market iD, we are able to provide data on which farmers are growing which crops, information on landowners, where farms are located, and more.  Our data can help you make sure you’re putting family first in your farm marketing efforts.

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