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    7 Ideas for Nurture Emails Your Competitors Aren't Sending

    Posted by FMiD Team on Nov 14, 2017


    Some new ideas for nurture emails.


    So you’ve taken the plunge and expanded your email list. Regardless of how your new leads are coming in the door, you’ve got to focus your attention on engaging them, and ultimately, on converting them into sales.

    Lead nurturing emails are a way to make meaningful connections online and establish your company as the authority they need on whatever it is you offer.

    In the short term, lead nurturing emails aren’t about making the sale - yet. In fact the very term itself suggests that you’re nurturing your potential customers in a way you might patiently water and fertilize a plant seed and watch it grow.

    Lead nurturing isn’t going to bring in cash on day one. But over time, the goal of successful lead nurturing is to turn a majority of your leads into sales.

    To catch the attention of your email subscribers, implement some of the following ideas for nurture emails that your agribusiness competitors simply aren’t sending.


    the Thank you email

    Here's an example of a Farm Market iD nurture email - something simple, personal and relevant to the recipient. 
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    1. The “Thank You” Email

    When a client signs up for an email subscription, purchases something off of your site or otherwise interacts with your content, let them know you appreciate them. The “thank you” email is a simple message of thanks for interacting with your brand - above and beyond the receipt or subscription confirmation email you’re already sending.

    2. The Helpful Checklist

    Maybe your customers need a little direction in deciding which service tier is best for their business. Gather some of the most valuable information for making a buying decision, compile it into a neat checklist and send it along to your leads.


    3. The Social Proof

    Groupthink is a powerful tool when it comes to persuading a lead to make the leap from prospect to client. Gather testimonials from a handful of your other satisfied customers and include them in targeted emails to different segments of your subscriber list who are interested in the same products your other customers already purchased.


    4. The Special Offer

    Give your leads an offer they simply can’t resist. Send an email that hands them the keys to the kingdom in the form of a percentage off of their next service or free add on item. Added incentive for making a purchase within an offer period might be the extra push your prospects need to take the leap.


    5. The Problem Solver

    Chances are, your leads have a problem you can solve. Use customer testimonials, information from case studies on your business or any other useful info that offers proof that your products and services are the right solution to the problems your prospects face.


    6. The Scarcity Scare

    Add an element of intensity to the equation by reminding your prospects that they’re not the only ones interested in your brand. Whether you’ve got a limited number of products on hand or can only offer an introductory rate for a certain period of time, communicate this information to your leads to spark their action on closing the deal.


    7. The Related Content

    Are there interesting things happening in your industry? Send your leads and subscribers helpful tips and interesting articles that pertain to your brand or the products they’re curious about. Seeing relevant information to your brand and products can help prospects to see added value in your offerings.


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