Convincing Your Agribusiness Leadership to Invest in Farm Data

Posted by Timothy Wier On May 10, 2019
  If you don’t control the budget or aren’t the primary decision-maker for purchasing marketing and sales tools, then that investment decision requires you to involve the people who do. Not only do you have to see the value of the farm data, you have to convince your agribusiness leadership to invest in it. […]
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3 Market Trends from the 2017 Census and Our Farm Data

Posted by FMiD Team On April 26, 2019
The 2017 Census of Agriculture results have been out for a few weeks and you’re probably already figuring out what it means for your agribusiness’ long-term strategy. […]
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Identifying the Growers and Farms Impacted by the Midwest Flooding Crisis

Posted by FMiD Team On April 10, 2019
    With the recent flooding crisis in the Midwest expected to present problems all the way into July, it will no doubt impact the 2019 planting season and is already having an impact on the grain that farmers store on their farms. Understanding the specific impact and how it relates to your prospects and customers will be essential as your business moves forward in the coming months. […]
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Should Your Agribusiness Go After Millennial Farmers?

Posted by Timothy Wier On March 27, 2019
As the ag industry evolves and changes, your customer is going to change over time. New farmers are going to take over the operations that their families have been managing for generations. […]
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Why Your Agribusiness Should Make Time for Data Analysis

Posted by Timothy Wier On March 27, 2019
    When deciding whether to invest in data for your marketing team, there's a lot to consider. Budget and finances certainly factor in. You may also be considering the impact on your most valuable resource: time. […]
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Segment Your Growers for Targeted, Personalized Communications

Posted by Timothy Wier On March 13, 2019
Farmers may make up less than two percent of the U.S. population. That’s still nearly 2.4 million active owners and operators who represent $311 billion in spend potential. No matter the size of your company, there are simply too many farmers to reach all of them unless you use a “spray and pray” approach. […]
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How to Use Data Insights Without an IT Team

Posted by Timothy Wier On February 28, 2019
  Good data and information – specifically around the behaviors of your target audience – can help you improve your marketing and sales efforts through personalized and targeted messaging. But many companies feel that they need an IT team in order to process and interpret the data analysis. […]
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Farm Market iD Offers On-Farm Grain Storage Data to Agribusiness

Posted by Steve Rao On February 25, 2019
    Geospatial analysis and data science help to deliver details of over 900,000 grain bins representing more than $75 billion in stored grain. […]
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Decision-Support Technology to Drive Agribusiness Revenue

Posted by Timothy Wier On February 19, 2019
Decision-support technology has many applications in agronomy and precision ag, and many companies are investing in it. But beyond prescriptive applications, which are important and necessary, this technology can help agribusinesses make the decisions to grow their reach among farmers and put more of their products in farmers’ hands. […]
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