3 Marketing Strategies for Agriculture Products

Posted by FMiD Team On July 26, 2019
When marketing to farmers, how do you know that you’re reaching the right farmer for your product? And how do you know you’re reaching them at the right time? Answering these questions is essential for developing effective marketing strategies for agriculture products. […]
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Aligning Your Agribusiness Teams Around Growth

Posted by Timothy Wier On July 23, 2019
  As you grow your agribusiness, you and your team make hundreds of decisions that impact that growth in either a positive or negative way. So you must ensure that all your agribusiness teams - strategy, marketing or sales - are aligned toward growth. […]
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Why Agribusinesses Need to Modernize Strategic Decision-Making

Posted by FMiD Team On July 12, 2019
What is the foundation your go-to-market strategy? Is it the assumptions you’ve made about the industry? Or detailed data that tells you exactly what’s happening in your market?   […]
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Annual Update: 2018 Crop Year Data Covers 2.8 Million Growers, 323 Million Planted Acres

Posted by FMiD Team On July 03, 2019
WESTMONT, Ill. -- Farm Market iD released its annual farmer, crop and farmland database update on June 28, 2019, providing powerful insights from the 2018 crop year. This granular, field-level data mapped to farmers covers 95+ percent of U.S. farmers and crops to help agribusinesses understand and communicate with their market, including market and wallet share analysis. […]
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Tracking Farmers' Engagement with Facebook Ads

Posted by Timothy Wier On June 21, 2019
One of the primary advantages of digital marketing is you can track results and adjust your campaigns in response. Especially with social media, you can track farmers' engagement with your Facebook ads. […]
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How to Navigate an Uncertain Market and Delayed Planting Season

Posted by Timothy Wier On June 20, 2019
  The agriculture market is in an uncertain state. Weather events, specifically heavy and devastating flooding, have caused delayed planting across the Corn Belt. Trade wars are impacting commodity prices. […]
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Use of Database Management Systems in Agriculture

Posted by Timothy Wier On May 23, 2019
  Your agribusiness’ ability to outmaneuver the competition and realize revenue growth in the incredibly competitive agriculture market depends on the information you have to make strategy, marketing and sales decisions. The right data—delivered through database management systems and user-friendly applications—can provide the insights to make those decisions possible. […]
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Convincing Your Agribusiness Leadership to Invest in Farm Data

Posted by Timothy Wier On May 10, 2019
  If you don’t control the budget or aren’t the primary decision-maker for purchasing marketing and sales tools, then that investment decision requires you to involve the people who do. Not only do you have to see the value of the farm data, you have to convince your agribusiness leadership to invest in it. […]
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3 Market Trends from the 2017 Census and Our Farm Data

Posted by FMiD Team On April 26, 2019
The 2017 Census of Agriculture results have been out for a few weeks and you’re probably already figuring out what it means for your agribusiness’ long-term strategy. […]
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