The Pitfalls of Ignoring Data Intelligence in Sales

Posted by FMiD Team On January 31, 2018


Pitfalls of not using data intelligence


Maybe this whole data analysis thing seems too good to be true. Or perhaps it seems like an awful lot of effort for gleaning a few extra talking points. After all, you’ve been in the business for a while and know, for the most part, what it takes to make a sale.

Whether you think you need a more data driven approach in the field or not, consider what happens when you don’t use data.

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First, you risk appearing uninformed.
It makes no sense to cold call a farmer who uses organic farming practices and try to sell him chemical fertilizers. Or to drive an email campaign on Crop Insurance 101 to farmers who are raising primarily livestock.

Knowing your market means making smart marketing decisions. In every industry, companies invest significant amounts of money to learn about their markets, study demographic data and target campaigns toward certain audiences. Practices in agriculture marketing and sales should be no different.

Additionally, if you’re not ready to step up to the plate and switch your sales platform to a data driven model, then you’re going to miss sales. Not only is the data you need readily available for your use, but it’s there for your competitors too.

If you miss your opportunity to glean data on the farmers in your territory, there are plenty of others who won’t make the same mistake. When your competitors are out in the field armed with the information that they need to make meaningful connections and pair products with individual farmers, they’re going to win a huge portion of the market share you’re vying for.

The data is out there. And the best part? You don’t even have to take the time and budget to track down information and analyze it all on your own. Mobile applications like FieldVision (one of Farm Market iD’s mobile applications) distill data into usable information that’ll make your sales efforts come to life.

Farmers don’t have time to waste listening to sales pitches that are entirely irrelevant to their farming practices. And you don’t have time to waste making calls that are based on assumptions, rather than hard data.

If you want more tips for using data intelligence in sales conversations and operations, download our handbook.

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