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    FAQ: How Does Precision Reach Safely Onboard Ag Data?

    Posted by Precision Reach Team on Aug 17, 2020


    Data Safety with Precision Reach

    Focused on agriculture, using data-driven programmatic ad buying at Precision Reach, a frequent question a client asks us is how is first-party data onboarded to protect privacy of the target audience?

    Especially an important question when the client is providing their CRM customer data for farmers, dealers, retailers, agronomists, and many other ag-centric lists.

    Precision Reach follows several steps to ensure data is onboarded safely:

    • Customer data files are uploaded securely using our Data Management Platform (DMP) that follows a strict policy on “personally identifiable information” of people-based records
    • Each record must be assigned a Unique ID along with name, address, email, and phone
    • The .CSV formatted file is loaded on a SFTP self-serve site without human interaction.
    • Records are matched for devices: desktop cookies and mobile IDs (IOS, Android)
    • All matched records are “anonymized” using the Unique IDs only, striping away the personal data
    • A Match Report is provided to the client to show counts by device type at the Individual and Household level.

    Two Key Definitions

    Individual - A match of a unique individual based on LiveRamp's core identity resolution solution of resolving Personal Identifiable Information (PII) to an anonymous and persistent person.

    Household - Adults matched as living together who exhibit a persistent relationship. This includes traditional and non-traditional definitions of a household.

    Data Safety with Precision Reach

    In addition, we often provide and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with clients asking us to onboard their 1st party data files. With our partnership with Farm Market iD, the advertiser also has the option to enhance their customer and prospect files by appending emails, cell phone numbers and farm demographics like acreage/herd size and gross farm income. Here a Mutual NDA is signed.

    Charting how “anonymized pool of farmer devices” is integrated into our programmatic ad buying platform.


    Data Driven Programmatic with Precision Reach


    Key Takeaway

    Data is a powerful tool; a valuable asset for Agri-marketers. But ethical data stewardship is imperative for success. At Precision Reach, we work hard to enable advertisers to harness the power of data-driven programmatic ad campaigns while maintaining consumer privacy and data ethics.

    For more information on data stewardship and digital targeting at Precision Reach, contact Bob Schenck at bob.schenck@precisionreach.com or call/text 847-778-1886

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