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    How to Serve Online Ads Directly to Farmers

    Posted by FMiD Team on Oct 11, 2018

    How to Serve Online Ads Directly to Farmers 

    When you're investing in digital ads, are you investing in the placement of the ad or the audience? With today's marketing technology, it's easy to serve online ads directly to farmers - and only farmers.

    Marketing to farmers can often feel like a shot in the dark, and without the right agri-marketing data, narrowing down your ideal audience can feel even more frustrating.  Plus, being limited to ag media sites is just that: limiting.  Farmers are people too. They visit their favorite news, sports, shopping, and interest sites just like the rest of us.

    Why limit your audience by focusing on just advertising on ag media sites where you are likely to have competitor’s offers right next to your ad?

    What if you could specifically target 250+ acre corn growers in Dekalb County when they are checking their fantasy football team? Programmatic advertising can help you narrow down your target audience by what, how much, and where they grow; their demographic information; even the time of day that they’re most likely to see your digital advertisements so that you can maximize the reach of your marketing dollars.


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    How Programmatic Helps You Serve Online Ads Directly to Farmers

    In its simplest terms, programmatic is the automated buying and selling of digital ad space. Programmatic advertising to farmers or agri-marketers puts a focus on reaching the right people, not the virtual ad real estate you’ve bought.

    Rather than just place an ad on a website that sells various types of farm equipment and hope that the right eyes see it, digital advertising methods give you the ability to control who sees your ad at a very specific level. When you know your ad is landing on the eyes of corn growers versus cattle ranchers, you can target your messaging to directly speak to the audience whom you want to reach with greater chance of conversion.

    Know Your Audience

    Programmatic lets you target demographic information, type of crops grown, behaviors, etc. Not only can you target your audience by demographics, you can utilize programmatic advertising to reach everyone from those who have bought particular farming equipment in the past 30-days, or who have accessed a particular website on a mobile device versus a desktop computer. This way, you’ll be able to see why, when, and how your audience is accessing certain types of information.

    Go Where The Farmers Are

    Previously, it was enough to buy real estate on a website, put up your ad, and hope enough of your target audience saw it. But why pay for impressions of people who may not have any interest in you product? Marketing to farmers specifically with programmatic advertising can cause you to show up on the websites your audience is browsing at a time when they’re most inclined to see it.

    Test and Adjust Your Campaigns

    Programmatic advertising puts the power of insights into your hands. It’s no longer necessary to stick with a campaign that isn’t working. Whether you want to test out the best call-to-action to reach a target demographic or change your messaging based on the seasons, embrace programmatic advertising’s potential to optimize your advertising strategy and test new opportunities.

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